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Wabara: second place “the minimum expectation”

Reece Wabara believes Wigan Athletic are well equipped to deal with the pressure of a League One automatic promotion chase. Speaking exclusively to AGL after Latics’ comprehensive 3-0 victory over Bury, the defender hailed

Wigan 3-0 Bury: Blame it on the bogey

“Goals for: 3. Goals against: 8. Points won: 1. Cups ripped from our snotty grasp: 2.” Thus spake Latics’ resident statman, a look of mild disgust steadily encroaching upon his otherwise gentle features. 4-0

From the DW Stadium to Stamford Bridge: The Magic of the FA (Youth) Cup

Oooh, don’t they grow up so fast? One month they’re turning out against Wigan Athletic in the FA Youth Cup, the next they’re facing Chelsea’s first team in the actual FA Ben Watson Memorial

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 157: Don’t look up

We shouldn’t really talk about the FA Cup, seeing as Wigan are no longer part of this year’s competition. But I can’t resist – the nostalgic lure of summer 2013 looms large in my

Walsall 1-2 Wigan: The Art of Football

Football is an artform – of that, there is no doubt. But I would stop short of classifying it as a fine Renaissance triptych, Beethovenian symphony or even a Hurstian cow sliced clean in

Jussi J: Man of the Moment

He gets no respect, I tells ya. The formidable Finn forfends four forwards from five fine finishes, and what is his reward? Swines pinching a sneaky swig from his personal goalmouth water bottle. I

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 156: Juicy J

He’s the only Latics player cool enough for not one, but three heavy metal umlauts. Jussi Albert Jääskeläinen, whose name I certainly did not cut and paste from Wikipedia just now, is still bumpin’