July 15, 2024
Finnish juice

A fine selection of Finnish juice.

Finnish juice
A fine selection of Finnish juice.

He’s the only Latics player cool enough for not one, but three heavy metal umlauts. Jussi Albert Jääskeläinen, whose name I certainly did not cut and paste from Wikipedia just now, is still bumpin’ and thumpin’ at the ripe old age of 21 plus 19. You never would have thought it ten years ago, but the long time Boltonian has bellowed his way into our big Lancastrian hearts this Valentine’s Week.

Choose not to berate and slate those who might have converted their 86th minute chances, nor those who slowly slinked down the tunnel after getting lost in the centre circle. Instead, listen to PWU’s so-called ‘expert panellists’ do just that…

Well, OK – we do praise Juicy J as well… briefly.

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Contents: Snappy intros (0:00); Oldham review with Rob and Nicky’s ‘enthusiastic’ From the Terrace report (0:30), too cold for Yanic? (5:20), carpet care issues (9:50) and Jussi wants second spot (12:50); get well soon, Michael Jacobs (15:20); Walsall preview including RefWatch (17:20), Tom Bradshaw’s true goal count (20:40) and goalfest predictions (26:50); classy fixture clashes (32:00) and Dev Squad/loanee updates (35:40); Paul’s bonus Saddlers profile (37:40); The Euxton Factor: Academy Edition (43:45)

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As you might have gathered, Progress With Unity ain’t no music podcast. But on this occasion, I shall make an exception because Jussi ‘Triple Heavy Metal Umlaut’ J truly is Latics’ Ace of Spades.

Also, RIP Lemmy.

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