June 25, 2024
Harold Ramis

(c)Justin Hoch

Harold Ramis
RIP Egon AKA Harold Ramis. (c)Justin Hoch

The Fab Four of John (AKA Barry), Paul (Rob), George (Gareth) and Ringo (Dan) present a ghost bustin’ edition of the RefWatchCast. In tribute to Egon Spengler, who sadly passed away this week, the [Beep]les break out their Proton packs to engage in an extended spectre sucking session. But don’t worry, we’re not going to be *sucking up* to Owen Coyle again.

Following another bad weekend for the ‘Statistics Are King’ camp, Statman Crothers is forced to defend his role as resident numbers bloke. However, there’s zero chance of him being superseded by Wigan’s answer to Derek Acorah, even if the fool from that JWAW abomination somehow predicted the Brighton result with shocking accuracy.

Contents: Who Ya Gonna Call? (0:00); Brighton review (1:10) including ‘Are Statistics Utter Nonsense?’ with StatMan; Nicky ‘Plastic Bag’ Maynard shines (11:00); playoff chasin’ (12:30); Ryan Tunnicliffe Caramel Wafers? (15:12); Nottingham Forest preview (17:09) including a shoutout for Billy Davies; Meet the Ref – Stuart ‘Nine Reds’ Attwell (21:30); looking forward to international week (28:40); Walk4Joseph update (29:30)

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