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Wigan 0 Nottingham Forest 0: Mud wrestling season

Ah, that most wonderful time of year again. Time to carefully extract that bucket and spade from your garage’s Jenga pile for a spot of mud castle building at DW Beach? Yew betcha, sonny.

Wigan 2 Nottingham Forest 0: Edge of Tomorrow

Please welcome Warren Garton Joyce, Wigan Athletic’s newest and foremost ‘edgelord’. The sort of guy who, like a dog, watches you eat for fifteen minutes before snatching that precious final morsel of tuna casserole

Nottingham Forest 4 Wigan 3: Last goal wins

“League One is a slice of thrice-iced Victoria sponge. But that passing in your own six yard box stuff simply won’t fly in the cut-throat Championship,” growled Latics Fan A. “Don’t change a darn

Nottingham Forest 3-0 Wigan: Dimly aware of a certain unease in the air

Ahah, my studio runner is presently handing me a piece of news. Apparently, a petition by the Football Widows Association has been officially approved by the FA, meaning the next two Saturdays have been

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast #99: The 99PWU Challenge

Now before you break open the ice cream flavoured champagne, I must remind you that there is a 99% margin for error in my makeshift numbering system. But for argument’s sake, let’s call this

Wigan 0-0 Nottingham Forest: Huws the McManaman now, dog?

“And it was onne the thirrtieth of Sepptember that the Wyganne Piemen and Nottyngham Trees dydd battle jn the fields offe the Northwestern Lands; wyth Uncle Joe and whomsoever that did creatte the Vymto

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 78: Dreamland Express

This week’s podcast is aptly titled Dreamin’, because the FA Cup does seem to exist an ethereal plane just outside the earth’s atmosphere. Our opinions of ‘Britain’s favourite cup competition’ might be slightly different