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Wigan 0 Queens Park Rangers 1: Crack-a-toe-a

On this day in 1883, the mighty Krakatoa volcano erupted, spewing a lethal jelly of hot earth juice and crispy moles across the uninhabited island of Krakatau. At first, it was truly a spectacle

From Ideal Sports Club to the Championship: Montserrat’s Overseas Derby

One might assume that a certain island in the West Indies will be watching Saturday’s game very closely indeed. After all, the combined squads of Wigan Athletic and Queens Park Rangers contain a healthy

Nottingham Forest 4 Wigan 3: Last goal wins

“League One is a slice of thrice-iced Victoria sponge. But that passing in your own six yard box stuff simply won’t fly in the cut-throat Championship,” growled Latics Fan A. “Don’t change a darn

Alternative Match Highlights: ‘Welcome Back to the Championship’ Blackburn-Birmingham Super Edition

Don’t worry if you missed them first time round – each of these highlights will be available on VHS this Christmas as part of Coyle’s Golden Gaffes 2016: Who Needs The Olympics? Blackburn. The

Wigan 1 Birmingham 1: The Wigan Olympics

Around this time every four years, the people of Wigan go sports crazy. Today I saw a bloke dive bomb into his back yard paddling pool and a kid toss a hammer through some

Wigan 3 Blackburn 0: The Curse of Coyle

In just one week’s time, it will be exactly 39 years since NASA launched their Voyager II space probe. Contained within this expensive collection of screws and mirrors is the infamous Golden Record, an

An Ode to Owen

Note: The author apologises in advance for this article, which may contain extreme misinformation and is for entertainment purposes only. You know, I’m only now realising how much I miss Owen Coyle. In his