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Wigan 2-2 Aston Villa: Not goodbye, just au revoir?

I really wasn’t sure what to feel today. On one hand it is sad to think the DW Stadium will not be hosting top flight football next year, on the other there was the

Arsenal 4-1 Wigan: From adulation to rele… er, the R-word

Not to be a party pooper, but I feel I must interject at this point. Remember a time long ago when we all cared about the league? Nah, me neither. I don’t think I

Wigan 2-3 Swansea: Running out of luck (and defenders)

Agh, must I write about this now? 18 painstaking hours of blanking out the memory will be undone in a fraction of that time tapping away at my chocolate-stained keyboard, but what the heck.

West Brom 2-3 Wigan: Disaster averted… for now

The FA Cup Final is in just seven days, yet it felt a lifetime away as I nervously crossed yet another date off my calendar. Despite the prospect of silverware, there was no dancing

Wigan 2-2 Tottenham: The power of positive thinking

Phew, it’s getting a bit tight now, isn’t it? As phenomenally demoralising as last weekend might have been, Latics once again had the chance to pull themselves clear of that media mosh pit that

West Ham 2-0 Wigan: Today’s lesson – effort ≠ success

They occur every season, those pivotal games that can dictate the outcome of a whole campaign. Though today wasn’t quite as important as Blackpool 2011 or Blackburn 2012 –don’t worry, contests of that magnitude

Man City 1-0 Wigan: May the best team lose

This post was always going to be difficult to complete without constantly referencing the weekend, so I shall attempt to work it out of my system in the opening paragraphs. “Fat chance of that,”