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Things we learned this week – Move over, Aunt Bessie

Admittedly, I did not commit my full attention to Friday night’s international incident… yes, I believe that’s a suitable term for what transpired. But the occasional cursory glimpse from my late-night livestreaming exploits is

Things overheard on the terraces at Macclesfield v Wigan

Living a life of luxury at the DW Stadium has spoiled us somewhat. I miss the days of standing out on the urine-soaked, cramped terraces, blokes blowing smoke in your face and spilling beer

Things we learned this fortnight (18 September 2012) – The Late Edition

After a brief hiatus for the international break, Things We Learned is back with a bumper two-week edition. Quite a lot has happened in the 16 days since last we met, though you have

Things we learned this week (2 September 2012)

Most teams sign footballers on transfer deadline day. Wigan Athletic sign sports stores. A long-awaited DW Sports shop opens in Wigan town centre the day we play Manchester United, Saturday 15 September. In related

Things we learned this week (26 August 2012)

At our primary school, we would all sit down at 2:45 each Friday to answer the teacher’s question, “what have we learned this week?” Naturally, none of us would be remotely engaged in such

Things we noticed from watching Euro 2012

Thank goodness for the European Championships, eh? Just when the media’s collective foreheads were about to explode Scanners-style over the vacant Tottenham post (getting alkaline flesh and acid blood all over the coffee table),