League Cup Archive

Wigan 1-2 Bury: Mild in the aisles

Good morning and welcome to Supermarket Sweep, with me, Dale Winton! Yes, those crazy marketing execs have briefly revived this urban kleptomaniac’s dream of a game show for the purpose of a tired joke

Burton 2-1 Wigan: I hate to be Burton your bubble

This just in: the FA is proud to announce a new sponsor for the League Cup from 2014. In a five-year deal with Lurpak, the trophy shall henceforth be known as the Butter Cup.

Manchester City 5-0 Wigan: No wieners, only boozers

Trudging over the bridge to the ticket office on Monday, I happened across a squadron of motorcyclists whizzing between some traffic cones strewn haphazardly across the overflow car park. Disgusted at this blatant misuse

Wigan 0-0 Bradford AET (Bradford win 4-2 on penalties): Fighting fire with… water pistols

I didn’t want to mention the Notts County game for fear of tempting fate, but I guess now it’s all over I can reference said tie as much as I like. I won’t, though,

West Ham 1-4 Wigan: The Bos stamps his authority

I keep mentioning it, but last season’s September-November ‘blip’ was such a prominent event you can’t help but constantly reference it. Heaven knows the media love to, though common consensus is that such talk

Nottingham Forest 1-4 Wigan: ‘Deadly serious’ Martinez pleased to progress

After years and years of being the underdog in cup competitions, I still find it hard to adjust to the tag of ‘giant’. Mostly because it’s one of those media terms used, often erroneously,

Carling Cup Second Round: Crystal Palace 2-1 Wigan: Eagles soar high above languid Latics

It’s somewhat surprising that, in the long and illustrious history of the English Football League, Wigan have only crossed paths with Crystal Palace twice previously. Maybe it’s our ex-Palace contingent of Ben Watson, Emmerson