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Wigan 4-0 Birmingham: Strikers not necessary

I heard a joke that made me chuckle today. It went something like: “What’s the difference between a box of matches and Wigan Athletic? A box of matches has a striker.” Forget the fact

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 94: Won’t get fuelled again

Sorry to be pe-trollin’ you with that title and image caption, but I thought I’d prepare you for the manic media meltdown that is Transfer Deadline Day (always capitalised). On that basis, we have

Wigan 1-0 Blackpool: Men Against Boyeson

Hangovers are invariably horrendous, and I’m not just talking about the films. I’m dreading that sobering up process even more than a marathon of said movie franchise, as after a spot of Callum McChamomile

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 93: Enthusiastic theatrics

It’s OK, we’re fine. What did you expect, a second winless week to have us all negative? Heh, well you’re… correct, actually. It seems our enthusiasm has departed on a plane to Orlando, and

Cardiff 1-0 Wigan: Enemies Reunited

At the Reading game, you might have heard a lone voice from the away end belting out a drunken rendition of ‘can we play you every week?’ Turns out it wasn’t a supporter, but

Charlton 2-1 Wigan: CHARLTON emerge victorious!

Fancy a spot of cheeky time travel on this unseasonably windy Saturday evening? Why not – it’ll be a welcome distraction from the three days of nose-hair trimming until our next fixture. The (electronic)

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 92: Aliens stole my two points

Grazing livestock cover their ears as an ominous, eardrum-thumping drone fills the meadow at PWU Farm. It is the unmistakable hallmark of a winless week, a large airborne vehicle of extraterrestrial origin ready to