June 16, 2024

Don't worry, be happy like this gargoyle. Ger-hyuk! (c)Chris Creagh

Alien abduction
Uh oh, look out for the tractor beam of negativity!

Grazing livestock cover their ears as an ominous, eardrum-thumping drone fills the meadow at PWU Farm. It is the unmistakable hallmark of a winless week, a large airborne vehicle of extraterrestrial origin ready to suck up your season in its Tractor Beam of Doomangloom.

It took us an hour to escape those other-worldly miscreants, who seem to have stolen two of our regulars (actual photo above) for their unspeakable experiments. After 50-odd minutes of scrambling for positives, four battered and bruised members of the team emerged alive… but at what cost?

Join PWU next week when we embark upon an Aliens-esque adventure to rescue Paul and Mick from Planet Slightly Below Average. Or just comment on a couple of score draws, which amounts to pretty much the same thing. (Spot the ‘stealth’ prediction in that sentence!)

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Contents: Not-so-chipper chaps: Reading review (0:00) including Statman (1:40); going for a Burton (17:45); shoutout for WISH FM’s new Latics commentator (23:20); ‘serious’ transfer matters (26:47); Charlton preview including Refwatch Mini (33:35); building some pre-Cardiff defences (43:30); Walk4Tilly announcement (47:45)

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Don’t worry, be happy like this gargoyle. Ger-hyuk! (c)Chris Creagh

Well, I offer my sincere apologise for an unusually negative edition, but we thought it best to even things out. Hey, it took us three whole seasons, but we are finally embracing glorification of the complaint here at Studio PWU. This one goes out to all my doom-mongering acquaintances down at the DeeDub Centre For Over-Rumination!

There is talk of a video ‘cast in the future, so that’s something you definitely want to miss. Refer to those there iTunes, RSS and app pages to make sure you give that one a miss.

I’m sorry, the negativity got to me right there, but we will be back to our chirpy selves before long. Until such time, catch up with any episodes you might have missed using the handy widget below or check the YouTube channel I keep forgetting to update. Cheers!

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