Monthly Archive:: August 2015

Wigan 1-0 Crewe: Breakout

Remember when your school teacher used to say, “if you don’t like it, you’re free to leave at any time”? Of course, nobody ever did – they were too scared to even contemplate asking

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 132: Formation damnation

“Objectively, the number 451 is larger than 442.” Please discuss this statement at great length with incredible fanboyish enthusiasm/aggression until you lose all sensation in your fingers and find yourself camped permanently at Christopher

PWU Podcast Special: Interview with Aussie Latic Craig Fillingham

G’day, mates! It’s all fine and dandy for us Wiganers that reside a relative fish and chip wrapper’s throw from that hub of all Latics activity, the DW Stadium. But now we’re back in

Gillingham 2-0 Wigan: Comic belief

It’s no fun when we win. Northern stand up tradition dictates that you must chain derogatory remarks like Wojciech Szczesny does cigarettes… but it’s hard to do that when Wigan Athletic have just beaten

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 131: Pandora’s Box

Wow, would you believe it’s… (looks at watch) …Friday evening already? But before you pack your baked bean sandwiches for tomorrow’s visit to Gillingham, we have another of those ‘live from the DeeDub with

Wigan 3-0 Scunthorpe: Reclusivity agreement

Oh, didn’t you hear? Wigan Athletic has become reclusive now. The newspapers no longer write about it, television presenters barely mention it and not even regional radio stations seem to care about our FA

Wigan 0-0 Doncaster: Nil volentibus arduum

It’s an odd condition, new season optimism. Your team could take PR blow after painful footballing blow on the way to their worst season in two decades, but you retain that same cheerful outlook