June 16, 2024
Metal Gear Solid cardboard box

Inhospitality box. (c)Konami

Metal Gear Solid cardboard box
Inhospitality box. (c)Konami

Wow, would you believe it’s… (looks at watch) …Friday evening already? But before you pack your baked bean sandwiches for tomorrow’s visit to Gillingham, we have another of those ‘live from the DeeDub with added background noise’ editions you all love so much.

Following Mick’s praise of the Wigan Athletic hospitality ‘system’, we were gifted a voucher for one free box in the West Stand by a certain local electronics store which shall remain nameless. You see, it wasn’t an executive box but a Sharp 32 inch flatscreen cardboard box left out in the August rain. As a result, this edition was recorded near the burger van outside the South Stand.

You’ll be pleased to know that the box does not make an appearance…. but we *will* be talking about phantom penalties, support strikers and the sunny Scunny Scunthorpe problem. Don’t forget that the bulk of this episode was recorded just before Wednesday’s game, so please refer back to yesterday’s post for (non-verbal and appreciably less humorous) analysis (yeah, right) of a pocket pleasing (yeah… right?) 0-0 draw.

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Contents: Intro to the comrades (0:00); ass-kickin’ season expectations (1:20) including 100-point pressure (4:00); Junior due another contract? (10:30); Donny you believe it – Doncaster review (13:20) including phantom penalties (18:00); casual nudity – a great advertisement for Gillingham (19:00); the Scunthorpe problem – breathless Scunny review (21:00); Barry’s Radio Five Live-style Gills preview (24:30)

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bluescreen subway
When your system gotta update, your system gotta update, I guess.

Apologies if this shock Friday afternoon post gave you a nosebleed, but you’ll be pleased to hear that, barring rearrangements, there’ll be only one midweek game in the next six weeks. After today, PWU returns to its usual Wednesday evening slot and I’ll post the much-loved timecodes on Thursday evenings as normal. Now you know that, you can organise your trips to the cinema and grand openings of new supermarkets in obscure parts of Manchester. Whoops, I have to stop announcing my schedules out loud as if this were Twitter…

As ever, PWU’s Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages remain open for business 24 hours a day… except maybe a few minutes around 3am when Windows automatic updates force a mandatory server restart. Hmm, maybe we really should switch to BBC Micros.

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