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PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 165: Perkins vs. Vardy

Three more to go. 270 minutes plus however many minutes of injury time those blasted officials dig from the deepest recesses of their sofas’ gargantuan butt creases. Three more afternoons to bemoan the death

Doncaster 3-1 Wigan: Brain fart

Oh, haven’t you noticed Wigan town centre has become more… colourful lately? Wigan Council are anticipating Latics’ promotion party by pasting large circular stickers to pavements around the town’s shopping district. The concept might

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 164: 2003 or 2016?

Oh, did someone at the back order a bunch of cheesy stats stolen from BBC Sport? It may surprise you that Wigan haven’t scored more than a single goal in any game at the

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 131: Pandora’s Box

Wow, would you believe it’s… (looks at watch) …Friday evening already? But before you pack your baked bean sandwiches for tomorrow’s visit to Gillingham, we have another of those ‘live from the DeeDub with

Wigan 0-0 Doncaster: Nil volentibus arduum

It’s an odd condition, new season optimism. Your team could take PR blow after painful footballing blow on the way to their worst season in two decades, but you retain that same cheerful outlook

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 130: Slurred gratification

“No! I will not sit around and wait until Wigan get better. I want us to play well now, yesterday and the day after tomorrow. Only victory shall suffice, and anything else is a

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 72: Don ‘Casting… From Hell

He-hey, kids! This edition’s Word of the Week is ‘flat’. Remember to scream ‘plagiarism’ whenever you hear it on the podcast! Note to parents: letting your kids play this game will almost certainly result