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Wigan 2-1 Nottingham Forest: Won’t Get Fooled Again

Phew, third home game in a row. I haven’t even had to change out of my slippers for two weeks – you’d think it was my birthday or something. Oh yeah, I forgot to

Progress With Unity Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 52: Flying in the face of structure

This post is a shoutout to Barry AKA Worbo, host and editor of the Progress With Unity Podcast. Often it may seem there is little point attempting to keep on topic, for when seven

Wigan 2-2 Middlesbrough: Red (Da Ba Dee)

*Nervously taps fingers on desk, grimaces* OK. Having spent the last… ten seconds deliberating over which angle to approach this article, I have decided to risk the ire of all three of my faithful

Progress With Unity Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 51 with Jackie Wilson!

‘On location’ editions are frequently fraught with danger. Mr Tannoy Man always wants to voice his opinion, which would be fine, but I’m not sure the PWU listenership are too interested in a double-parked

Wigan 2-2 Doncaster: Drama! Goals! People being kicked in the shins!

Finished re-arranging dust in the general vicinity of your boots yet? Good, because Tuesday’s here already and it’s time to moan about the referee/Owen Coyle/the price of pies (delete as appropriate) again! If I

Bournemouth 1-0 Wigan: When in doubt, blame the ref

Who needs that fancy ‘pass and fall over’ Premier League football when you have the infinitely more satisfying hack n’ slash, hoofitup punchfest that is the Championship? I know that defence is more iffy

Progress With Unity Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 50: ‘Eye of the Storm’ Edition

If you think this week’s episode of the Progress With Unity Podcast is busy, then just you wait until the transfer burglars visit town. With the Premier League season due to kick off this