June 16, 2024
Kevin De Bruyne

'Pinky' De Bruyne (c)Erik Drost

Kevin De Bruyne
‘Pinky’ De Bruyne (c)Erik Drost

If you think this week’s episode of the Progress With Unity Podcast is busy, then just you wait until the transfer burglars visit town. With the Premier League season due to kick off this weekend, the press will transform into a wide-eyed Incredible Hulk-type behemoth, foaming at the mouth at the prospect of a Wigan panty raid. Personally, I can’t wait.

Oh by the way, I was being sarcastic. But while I continue to pull at my collar and loosen my tie, some Championship football is scheduled, apparently. Following a brief look back at the weekend’s ‘non-event‘, PWU’s pundits salivate at the prospect of some proper, salt-o’-the-earth football in store.

Keep your ears unfurled for the shoutout for Peter Bell of Cherry Chimes, who provided valuable insight into the inner workings of the South Coast club for Saturday. The return interview featuring small-time internet feather-ruffler and PWU regular Dan (which may or may not be yours truly depending on the day of the week) is available here. Well, not *here*, but there on his website.

Contents: United Shield review (2:00); WWF Fight Night (15:10); Kevin Du Bruyne & potential transfer targets (20:19); Bournemouth preview (23:18); Phantom fruit flingers (25:55); Ooh, almost forgot – Doncaster preview (45:40)

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