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8 reasons why Nick Powell is better than Eric Cantona

That Cantona bloke was alreet, but was he really that good? He might have skyrocketed Manchester United to superstardom with a new brand of footballing ‘je ne se quoi’ in the 1990s, but would

Progress With Unity Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 50: ‘Eye of the Storm’ Edition

If you think this week’s episode of the Progress With Unity Podcast is busy, then just you wait until the transfer burglars visit town. With the Premier League season due to kick off this

Wigan 0-2 Man United: The ITV United Show

“Don’t concern yourself too much, it’s only a sideshow.” But what a sideshow, eh? Yep, it’s time for me to gush about Wembley again, so skip forward to… August 2032 when I will finally

Progress With Unity Latics Podcast No. 25: With apologies to Dale Winton

Welcome back, Latic fanatics, for a whole new season of the Progress With Unity Podcast! Thankfully, the festive period has been salvaged by a win over Villa, so mass depression has been successfully avoided

Wigan 0-4 Man United: Another drink?

Manchester United may be the league leaders, but one statistic was in Wigan’s favour heading into today’s daunting encounter – United hadn’t won a single game in the calendar year, while Wigan hadn’t lost

Progress With Unity Latics Podcast No. 24: When is a penalty not a penalty?

Decimated by man flu and fallout from (admittedly muted) Boxing Day celebrations, the Progress With Unity team crawl wearily back to the studio, aspirin in hand, for a bit of post-Xmas musing. Excuse the

Progress With Unity Podcast No. 9: United review, Fulham preview and Hendry Thomas

Once again I joined the lads at PWU for a chat about all things Latics this past week. On the menu for this ninth edition: thoughts on that awful second half at Old Trafford,