June 25, 2024
Scuba diver

Scuba diver

Decimated by man flu and fallout from (admittedly muted) Boxing Day celebrations, the Progress With Unity team crawl wearily back to the studio, aspirin in hand, for a bit of post-Xmas musing. Excuse the occasionally clipped, slurred speech as we frequently had to be revived with piping hot tea and whisky just to make it through the recording. Heck, I am surprised the evening yielded a whole 50 minutes of legible material!

The self-appointed ‘Terrible Trio’ blaze their way through a variety of topics from the Arsenal and Everton games to the forthcoming clashes with Villa and Man United. As an added bonus, in the spirit of seasonal specials, there is also a nostalgic look back at our favourite moments of 2012. Lads (and lasses), it’s been emotional.

Contents: Arsenal review (0:00); Everton review (12:38); Aston Villa preview (23:40); Man United preview (33:22); 2012 retrospective (40:48)

The PWU Podcast is recorded in front of a live studio audience of three thousand books and a copy of the Metro newspaper dated 15 December. Vaguely interested? See here for how to get involved.

Hey, have you heard about that Twitter thing? It’s really good, if you’re into that sort of thing. Progress With Unity has its own account for you to follow, plus some other multimedia gumph like an iTunes page and a dedicated RSS feed so you can download it to your iPad and listen to it at work. Don’t tell your boss, though, unless he is Jonathan Jackson or something.

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