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Aston Villa 0-3 Wigan: Feed the Ram

I awoke this morning with an uncomfortably familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach. It was an uneasy sensation of impending doom tempered by just a hint of hope, vaguely similar to the

Progress With Unity Latics Podcast No. 24: When is a penalty not a penalty?

Decimated by man flu and fallout from (admittedly muted) Boxing Day celebrations, the Progress With Unity team crawl wearily back to the studio, aspirin in hand, for a bit of post-Xmas musing. Excuse the

Everton 2-1 Wigan: No penalties allowed

You know, it really doesn’t feel like Christmas. When I took the dog out for its annual Boxing Day walk this morning, I did not require a large coat, never mind a hat and

Progress With Unity Podcast Latics Quiz Night Christmas Special

Festive greetings, podcasters! Recent bad results (and referees) got you down? Not to worry, settle down with a container of your favourite beverage –lukewarm or cold– and enjoy this, the Progress With Unity Christmas

Wigan 0-1 Arsenal: …and I feel fine(ish)

In anticipation of the impending apocalypse, I gave away all my worldly possessions –yes, my clothes, my boots and my motorcycle– and went to sit on a large hill to watch the fireball barbecue

Progress With Unity Latics Podcast No. 22: End of the World edition

As the predicted end of all human civilisation –henceforth to be known as ‘The Massacre of the DW‘– rapidly approaches, the Progress With Unity team reconvene to scrutinise another slightly disappointing weekend over a

Norwich 2-1 Wigan: Meat and ‘tatered

It’s been a busy week of community engagements for Latics. The past seven days have seen the squad embark upon its traditional seasonal school and hospital visits, as well as a pre-Christmas book signing