July 16, 2024
Latics book signing

The PWU research team busy behind the scenes

Latics book signing
The PWU research team preparing for next week's episode

In a shameless effort to rope in more listeners, the PWU Podcast has gone all Talksport on us and started rustling a few jimmies. Admittedly this mostly amounts to taking the mick out of Phil Dowd’s luncheon arrangements*, but there are one or two other mildly ‘controversial’ statements thrown in for good measure. See if you can spot them all for a prize!†

The usual PWU analysis is tucked away in there as well, plus what Paul really thinks of the Maynor Figueroa incident at St James’ Park. There are also a few shoutouts for people that deserve them, and oh, I managed to correct myself and say Antolin Alcaraz’s name properly this time! I blame Graham Lovett for the repeated ‘Alcatraz’ comments, which I will probably go back to next week. 😛

Something special is in store for a forthcoming festive edition of PWU, so you definitely don’t want to miss a thing! Follow the PWU Podcast on Twitter, iTunes or RSS for updates on the Christmas jollities which will no doubt ensue. I might throw in the odd tweet or two as well, so feel completely free to follow me on Twitter.

* We love you really, Phil. Get in touch and we’ll gladly invite you to next week’s recording.
† Actual prize: a kick in the teeth. Which, I guess, is better than a kick in th- oh, wait…
☞ This isn’t a genuine footnote – I just wanted to use that fancy typographical hand symbol.

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