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Wigan v Queens Park Rangers match preview with Ed Jones [PWU Podcast]

Ahh, remember this game? It was supposed to be played aeons ago, but due to broadcast delay, only reaches our screens this evening. Except it isn’t being shown on television but in real life

View From The North Stand: Peter Bell of AFC Bournemouth’s Cherry Chimes

Seven short months ago, a whole division separated Wigan and Bournemouth when they drew swords for an FA Cup tie spread over two matches. On the pitch, however, the teams were far more evenly

Progress With Unity Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 45: Pleasure/Pain

Good evening, podcasters! I hope you aren’t in too foul a mood following the events of Tuesday evening, and have enough energy to enjoy this week’s Progress With Unity. The FA Cup win is

Progress With Unity Wigan Athletic Podcast: FA Cup Final Sideshow Spesh!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is within sight. In less than two days’ time, Wigan Athletic will be playing their part in English football’s greatest sideshow, the FA Challenge Cup Final. Would you ever have

Progress With Unity Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 43: Sea you on the other side (of the relegation zone?)

I don’t normally apologise for my post title puns but in this case I shall make an exception, because that one was bad enough to make you choke on your early evening prawn sandwiches.

Progress With Unity Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 42: Indecisiveness prohibited

The seeds of apprehension planted last week are beginning to sprout into saplings of nervousness. After such a devastating weekend, can you blame us? But spirits are relatively high considering Wigan’s current situation –

Progress With Unity Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 41: On the Road Omnibus

A surprisingly subdued edition considering the events of this past weekend. Perhaps Wednesday evening’s result put a dampener on proceedings, or maybe it’s the FA’s questionable decision to ruthlessly push the cup final kick-off