July 16, 2024
Wigan shark circling

Wigan shark circling

With no Latics game to discuss/moan about, the Progress With Unity team are in buoyant, upbeat mood ahead of another ‘big game’ of cliché proportions. Savour the atmosphere, for I doubt you will hear jokes as good as this until Wigan are mathematically safe and/or in possession the FA Cup. And I’m not entirely sure which of those is the more feasible at this point.

Of course, there is still plenty to chat about, from Wembley to Wembley, Wembley and Wembley. Oh, and there might have been a mention for our hero Howard Webb, but I think it got lost in another sea of Kevin Friend jokes. Agh no, I promised myself I wouldn’t mention that for the sixth week in a row…

Contents: International musings (1:28); Sunderland under threat? (6:00); Norwich preview (11:39); Arouna Kone (16:52); who’d be a referee? (18:40); Wemb-er-lee… (32:10); Jesus *is* a Wiganer? (35:27); Joseph’s Goal pre-Wembley bash (36:20)

Get involved!

Progress With Unity is currently the only Wigan Athletic fan podcast on the web. If you would like to get involved or have any topics you’d like to be discussed please get in touch with Barry at wigan@vitalfootball.co.uk, marking your email PWU Podcast.

Did you know that PWU have a Twitter account, and that you can tweet them your questions and comments? Well I didn’t until it was brought up in the recording. I did know about the PWU iTunes and RSS pages, but that’s only because I repeat this same sentence in a slightly different fashion for each edition of the podcast.

Thanks for listening, and thanks for not swearing out loud. I’m sure your neighbours will echo that sentiment.

Shark image courtesy Peter Southwood (CC3.0)

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