June 19, 2024
Wigan Athletic party bus

Oh no, our parade bus! Fetch the sellotape.

Wigan Athletic party bus
Oh no, our parade bus! Fetch the sellotape.

A surprisingly subdued edition considering the events of this past weekend. Perhaps Wednesday evening’s result put a dampener on proceedings, or maybe it’s the FA’s questionable decision to ruthlessly push the cup final kick-off time back to 5:15pm? Nah, the real reason is the fact our sadly neglected open top bus has unfortunately rusted in open-air storage. Oops, my bad.

After a brief rant on £115 Wembley tickets, the conversation quickly turns to this weekend’s pivotal Premier League clash with old friends West Ham – will Martinez make further changes? We then round off with Pie News and a brief analysis of why Latics have accrued just 31 points up to now. The answer? I dunno.

Contents: Millwall review (0:00) and cup final kick-off time mini-rant (8:04); Manchester City review (13:26); West Ham preview (27:24); 31 points? (43:23)

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I’m off to ferret out some sandpaper and vehicle spray. As ever, thanks for listening, and come on Wigan.

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