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Progress With Unity Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 42: Indecisiveness prohibited

The seeds of apprehension planted last week are beginning to sprout into saplings of nervousness. After such a devastating weekend, can you blame us? But spirits are relatively high considering Wigan’s current situation –

West Ham 2-0 Wigan: Today’s lesson – effort ≠ success

They occur every season, those pivotal games that can dictate the outcome of a whole campaign. Though today wasn’t quite as important as Blackpool 2011 or Blackburn 2012 –don’t worry, contests of that magnitude

Progress With Unity Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 41: On the Road Omnibus

A surprisingly subdued edition considering the events of this past weekend. Perhaps Wednesday evening’s result put a dampener on proceedings, or maybe it’s the FA’s questionable decision to ruthlessly push the cup final kick-off

Wigan 2-1 West Ham: I’ll have what he’s having, waiter

Following last week’s somewhat disappointing Swansea game, I commented that Wigan’s performances this season have either been outstandingly clinical or atrociously inadequate. Another defeat had pushed the Latics bandwagon just that bit closer to

Progress With Unity Podcast No. 14: Swansea review, West Ham & Bradford preview

This week, the PWU Podcast team bring you a special ‘attempting not to tempt fate‘ edition. As you may know, the happy Hammers are in town this weekend, and will no doubt be intent

Progress With Unity Podcast No. 10: Sunderland preview, Fulham & West Ham review

For your delectation and delight, the latest episode of the fantastic Progress With Unity Podcast is now available to sample. Sadly I’m not in this one, so you’ll just have to pretend there’s some

West Ham 1-4 Wigan: The Bos stamps his authority

I keep mentioning it, but last season’s September-November ‘blip’ was such a prominent event you can’t help but constantly reference it. Heaven knows the media love to, though common consensus is that such talk