Progress With Unity Podcast No. 14: Swansea review, West Ham & Bradford preview

The Road to Wembley

Latics rejoin the long and treacherous path to Wembley

This week, the PWU Podcast team bring you a specialattempting not to tempt fate‘ edition. As you may know, the happy Hammers are in town this weekend, and will no doubt be intent on exacting revenge for the consequences of our last league meeting. Then, before we’ll have had time to even catch our breath, Tuesday will see the visit of Bradford City for the latest chapter in Wigan Athletic’s Capital One cup saga.

As intimated in the recording, I could go on record to predict two comfortable wins, but that would be stupid. Much like Michael Fish, I haven’t yet correctly forecast a scoreline this season so you can take my two 2-0 wins with a pinch of particularly salty pie filling. Wigan-West Ham is (to use that old chestnut) predictably unpredictable, and we all know how dangerous lower league sides can be.

Enoughblah. Time for… erm, more blah.

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