July 16, 2024


Hey, how's it hanging?

Oh dear, it seems Wigan’s second string defence wasn’t the only thing exposed this week. The atmosphere became a tad rowdy in the PWU studio yesterday evening when a very brave (or stupid) guest popped in for a ‘look Mum, I’m on the telly’ moment. Except this wasn’t telly, or even radio for that matter. As the commentators usually say, isn’t it a bit cold for that palaver?

With Monday’s defeat fresh in our minds, it wasn’t difficult to muster emotional commentary on subjects such as Maynor Figueroa’s (probable) induction into the WWF, Captain Cald’s lucky break and extensive defensive bandaging. There’s also much blowing of cheeks in anticipation of a potentially tricky weekend as the EPL’s answer to the NBA All-Star team roll into town, and a special welcome for Wigan’s newest arrival.

Did you see Graeme Jones on his tablet PC at St James’ Park this week? I have it on good authority that he was keeping up-to-date with the PWU Podcast via the Twitter, iTunes and RSS feeds.

This just in: I have been sacked by the BBC for giving coverage to streakers. Apparently, I should have simply said “there is no room for that in modern football, what an idiot”. So, erm… I’ll see you on ITV next week, then.

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