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Newcastle 2 Wigan 1: Fool’s game

Yes, dear reader, it’s true – Arsene ‘Penguin’ Wenger did finally flap his wings hard enough to take off. When asked about staying at Arsenal for another season, he squawked ‘can’t see it’, scooped

Wigan 0 Newcastle 2: Wigan is Black and White

Guest intro by George Orwell’s Millennial grandson (AKA me). We’re not supposed to talk about 2014-15. We’re expected to pretend it never existed under threat of extreme consequences. And goodness knows your average small

Progress With Unity Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 37: Defending the indefensible

To all the Progress With Unity first-timers, hi there! You’ve picked a good edition to jump onto the opinionated bandwagon. Apparently there’s been a certain amount of fallout from some tackle or other, so

Wigan 2-1 Newcastle: UFC comes to the DW Stadium!

Ack, flipping typical, ain’t it? Yesterday’s games just go to show you simply can’t rely on anyone else to help you out in times of peril. I promised myself I wouldn’t worry about other

Progress With Unity Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 36: Cup fever

Spring is in the air, and it can only mean one thing – Wigan Time! The Progress With Unity team are jubilant following an outstanding weekend in Liverpool, and struggle to wipe broad smiles

Progress With Unity Podcast No. 20: Baring all on Newcastle, QPR Question Time

Oh dear, it seems Wigan’s second string defence wasn’t the only thing exposed this week. The atmosphere became a tad rowdy in the PWU studio yesterday evening when a very brave (or stupid) guest

Newcastle 3-0 Wigan: Black and white and red all over

Here’s a hypothetical puzzler for you: if Wigan were to somehow scrape into a European slot, would it be a good or bad thing for the club? No doubt the pessimists among us have