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Wigan 0-2 Fulham: When it isn’t your season

Living in the North West of England, something you’re never surprised to see is inclement weather. Wigan artist Lawrence Isherwood painted street scenes to an almost exclusively dull, smoggy backdrop, whilst Winstanley band The

Rambling and a-gambling: Wigan v Fulham preview

Given Wigan’s horrific recent run of losses, a Pools player would mark this game as a sure-fire away win. But, as I have often discovered to my disappointment, games never transpire precisely as you

Wigan v Bolton (15 October 2011) photos

This was one of those games you wish you’d brought a cap for, especially if you’re towards the back of the East Stand. I did not and spent 3/4 of the game shielding my

Wigan v QPR (27 August 2011) photos

It’s time to catch up on some JWAW photography from recent home games. First up, we have snaps of the warmup from Wigan’s victory over QPR just under two months ago, which is incidentally

Fixing a hole: What can Bob do different?

One criticism often levelled at Roberto Martinez is the ‘fact’ he doesn’t ‘change things up’ enough. Based on results, I’m often inclined to agree with them but like him or not –and that indeed

Newcastle 1-0 Wigan: Latics hit rock bottom, only way is up

Having already conveyed most of my immediate thoughts in yesterday’s live Twitter update experiment, I was slightly wary of posting a Latics-Newcastle match report for fear of repeating myself. Then I thought, “ah, screw

Newcastle 1-0 Wigan: Live Matchday Updates

Good day Latics fans. This afternoon, I shall be conducting a trial run of live Twitter updates for Newcastle United v Wigan Athletic, with a Latics bias of course. Well, what more did you