June 19, 2024
Elvis Presley with Richard Nixon

Elvis Presley with Richard Nixon

Festive greetings, podcasters! Recent bad results (and referees) got you down? Not to worry, settle down with a container of your favourite beverage –lukewarm or cold– and enjoy this, the Progress With Unity Christmas Quiz.

It’s a bumper 50-minute special with 25 questions to tax the most ardent of Wigan supporters, but you don’t have to be a Latic fanatic to enjoy it. In other words, I don’t necessarily expect you to win Bamber Boozler’s special prize for getting all the answers. But remember, it is of course the taking part that counts! And the prize, which, incidentally, wasn’t just an invisible prop.

That said, I will award a packet of Mini Party Rings to anyone who gets each and every one of the 25 questions correct. That’s how confident I am you won’t be able to. Challenge accepted?!

The PWU Podcast will resume as normal after Christmas to pick apart the Arsenal and Everton games, so I shall resist the temptation to write another 1,000-word essay for now, no matter how difficult it may be. Nnngh…

Please, do check out the PWU Twitter, iTunes and RSS pages if you have the time this Christmas. I promise it’s better than having five minutes of your life stolen by fake chuggers on Standishgate.

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