July 15, 2024
Eric Morecambe

"What do you think of it so far?" "Rubbish."

Eric Morecambe
“What do you think of it so far?” “Rubbish.”

Doncaster Dan, Stand-In Stat Man is rubbish. Bring back Gareth to save us from the endless line-fluffing and mispronunciations of player names! It’s like *mainstream media outlet deleted* but without the Manchester accents and… ooh wait, what were those censored words? That’s a fun guessing game for you all to play while listening to this particularly cheery (or should that be Cherry? *Groan* Sorry, Peter Bell!) edition of the Progress With Unity ‘Cast.

Apologies for diverting this post from the actual football yet again, but the clearly edited part during the MK Dons stats masks a grave error, the result of poor research. Consequently, Mr Dan has been relieved of his duties and placed on gardening leave indefinitely. So, guys, if you need someone to read off a bit of paper with at least two mistakes per sentence, send an email to dan at illarterate dot c… OK, perhaps not.

Contents: Bournemouth Wheel of Fortune review (1:30); Montagu Kerguelen Dons review (11:40); Get the open top bus ready! (21:00); The Real Stand In Stat Man appears (35:00); In praise of Coyle?! (38:35); Doncaster ‘casting [preview] (45:00)

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I am just weighing up the possibility of adopting the moniker ‘Doncaster Dan’ for either my adult film exploits or Eric Morecambe tribute act. Whichever I settle on, you can be certain I will use the PWU iTunes, RSS and app pages to promote them to the fullest. Just, erm, don’t let the kids watch, eh? By the way, don’t forget to give me a call regarding those VHS tapes if you’re interested.

(Shoutout to The Popular Stand, just in case you missed it.)

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2 thoughts on “PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 71: There’s no answer to that

  1. “Apologies for diverting this post from the actual football yet again”

    Sometimes, I think you secretly want to write a food blog….

    😉 😉

  2. I should stop writing these posts while hungry. It’s like that piece of research that says you always buy unhealthy food from the supermarket when you shop on an empty stomach. I need to invest in an official JWAW microwave machine! 🙂

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