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PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 73: Can’t Touch This

Don’t worry, folks, this is *not* a transfer deadline day special, so there are no overly dramatised, hastily thrown together press releases or excitable guys with gargantuan headphones. Mostly because we cannot afford ballpoint

Middlesbrough 0-0 Wigan: Fly away football

Phew, crank that electric heater all the way up to 4! When last Latics and The Smoggies met, you could barely make it halfway to your DW seat before your rapidly melting mulberry ice cream

Wigan 2-1 Crystal Palace: Mini-giant killing

Cancel everything this instant – Wigan Athletic have already been presented with the FA Cup! Yes, I know it’s only a three-quarter replica to replace the real McCoy (McClean? McManaman? McArth…) next to those

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 72: Don ‘Casting… From Hell

He-hey, kids! This edition’s Word of the Week is ‘flat’. Remember to scream ‘plagiarism’ whenever you hear it on the podcast! Note to parents: letting your kids play this game will almost certainly result

Doncaster 3-0 Wigan: Donny Uwe Worry ‘Bout a Thing

Agh, back to the day job it is, then. Why can’t every day be FA Cup day? Oh yeah, because the media would be even less bearable than usual – if I hear Gary

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 71: There’s no answer to that

Doncaster Dan, Stand-In Stat Man is rubbish. Bring back Gareth to save us from the endless line-fluffing and mispronunciations of player names! It’s like *mainstream media outlet deleted* but without the Manchester accents and…

MK Dons 1-3 Wigan: Don Uwe Forget About Me

It was with great disappointment I learned that Sir Ben Watson had been harshly overlooked for the much-vaunted Ballon D’or (literal French: ‘accurate ball-kicking’) award. It is understandable that he could not attend the