June 25, 2024
Doncaster Rovers


Doncaster Rovers
“Hmm, looks a friendly enough place to me.” “Yeah? Well you’d better think again. This is the Road… to Hell.” (c)Illarterate

He-hey, kids! This edition’s Word of the Week is ‘flat’. Remember to scream ‘plagiarism’ whenever you hear it on the podcast! Note to parents: letting your kids play this game will almost certainly result in loss of hearing and/or fine crystal glasses.

I’m not suggesting Wigan’s performance against Doncaster was flatter than a flat cap three times ironed and left to rest under a 10-ton Acme anvil – I think it was Paul said that. But certain members of the Latics first team might have benefited from a portable bike pump or two strategically placed across the Keepmoat surface. Time to call in Team Sky’s repair squad yet?

Contents: Naked post-lunch (0:00); extended Doncaster review including the return of the genuine Stat Man (1:45); Palace procrastinatin’ preview (23:53); detailed squad rotation analysis with Mick ‘n’ Paul (35:45); miniature Middlesbrough preview (43:40); remember to leave your iTunes reviews (46:50)

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A brief note regarding Scott Carson’s contract – the Official Latics Site states that he signed in July 2013 on a three-year deal. Apologies for the misunderstanding, but our studio computers (hacked Amstrad CPC 464s with 32kb memory) went down for a brief moment, forcing us to make up statistics on the spot once again. For more information of dubious authenticity, bookmark the PWU iTunes, RSS and app pages or simply check back here towards the back end of next week. Worry not, for I don’t expect to hire a dedicated Mini-Motty stat bloke any time before Latics win the FA Cup. Again.

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