June 16, 2024
Deferred gratification

Deferred gratification

“No! I will not sit around and wait until Wigan get better. I want us to play well now, yesterday and the day after tomorrow. Only victory shall suffice, and anything else is a sackable offence. Must… win… nooowww…”

Okay, calm down there, inner monologue… oh dear, looks like I’ve been playing far too much Championship Manager with the cheats turned on. My humblest apologies, dear reader!

Enough of that nonsense, as I believe there are more tangible matters to comment on. I can’t afford to waste my precious word count on such frivolity, especially not with big time Lancastrian thumpathons to comment on. Just hold on a sec while I extract myself from this Ceefax brand armchair with my industrial strength shoehorn with added Vaseline.

…And if you think I’m milking this intro for all it’s worth, you haven’t heard this week’s episode of PWU yet. Fans of half time beverages take note, for this is a watershed, nay, milkshed in Wigan Athletic podcasts… U’ll Haveagood Time, or something. Ahem.

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Contents: Meteoric intros (0:00); burgerless Coventry review (1:30) including welcome to League One, love, Scott Duncan (6:30); Bury Teatime Special Review (8:15) including which Leon? (19:00), Milking it (23:00) and Mick’s Hospitality Review (28:30); Don ‘casting: Donny preview (33:00) with a brief history of walk-in goals (34:30) and contradic- sorry, predictions (39:40); a nod to Scunny (45:00)

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Chris Kirkland Preston

Next up, PWU errata. I do believe we spent the majority of last week’s podcast prematurely welcoming Chris Kirkland back to the club, but he’s since decided to take up residence on the Preston North End bench. Don’t worry, though, because the pool of north west-based keepers is stronger than a titanium reinforced Geoff Capes – former Bolton man Jussi Jääskeläinen will be troubling Latics blog writers with his various heävy metäl umläuts for at least a year… if he even gets a start, that is.

If we’ve learned anything from this, it’s that PWU’s Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages are useless as they contain duff information. Do not visit those pages or use those services. Do not read this page. Forget anything you saw on this blog. No, really – I think some of it might have been libellous.

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