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PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 158: Quantum Leap

We would like to wish goalkeeping coach Mike Pollitt a very Happy 11th Birthday for 29th February. Since such occasions only arrive every four years, it is an event to be celebrated… with a

Wigan 3-0 Bury: Blame it on the bogey

“Goals for: 3. Goals against: 8. Points won: 1. Cups ripped from our snotty grasp: 2.” Thus spake Latics’ resident statman, a look of mild disgust steadily encroaching upon his otherwise gentle features. 4-0

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 157: Don’t look up

We shouldn’t really talk about the FA Cup, seeing as Wigan are no longer part of this year’s competition. But I can’t resist – the nostalgic lure of summer 2013 looms large in my

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 143: Wrought irony

Oh, the irony – that one derided by a great majority, with the first touch of a man made of rubber, should come within a pigeon’s fart of a hat trick (for the second

Bury 4-0 Wigan: Rose tinted asses

Wait, really? The FA Cu- er, that competition again? Gah, I bet my sub editor £20 I wouldn’t explicitly mention the events of 2013 for the duration of this calendar month… Gnnngh, and it’s

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 142: No Parkin

Ah, I *knew* there was something spooky going on! Having reviewed replays of Saturday’s grisly grindfest, I have uncovered irrefutable evidence that this was, in fact, the pseudo-holiday known as All Hallows’ Eve. For

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 139: Rain of terror

As I type, a mysterious substance is trickling down my window pane, leaving behind a suspicious trail of sandy residue. Upon further inspection, this appears to be the material they call ‘rain’ – yes,