July 16, 2024

Here, you rugby men... gerroff our pitch! (c)Action Images

Here, you rugby men... gerroff our pitch! (c)Action Images
Here, you rugby men… gerroff our pitch! (c)Action Images

Zzzzz… snore. Muh-Maloney into Watsurrrn… yeah… zzzZzzzZzz…

Huh, what? Why’d you have to wake me when I was dreaming of Wembley again?

Well, while we’re on the subject for the 3,094,874th day in a row, remember that *other* time Latics scored a last minute winner at the DW holiday home? The prize that day was a brand new (automatic) windscreen, whereas this year we stand to win a hundred litres of lime green paint – how times have changed. Heh, remember when you could win a pint of milk? Oh right, wrong trophy…

Eh, screw league matches – let’s cancel Bury and take a trip down to HA9 this Saturday! I’ll drop into Rent-A-Jalopy on the way back from Wigan today if you pack the cheese and onion sandwiches… lend me 5p for a carrier bag, will you?

(At this point the author left without completing the post. I’ve tried to fill in the below bits as best I can. — Ed.)

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Contents: Speedy intros (0:00); angry Walsall review with Paul’s illuminating on-the-whistle report (0:50), what is a red card in this crazy world? (5:00) Yanic Attack (13:50) and Ball Boy is Superman (18:00); Crewe View: John Stone’s Paint Trophy assessment with Simon’s report (23:30), the Road to Wembley 2016 & Holtmaster Comeback Trail Vol IV (27:20), Adam’s shakin’ preview (34:20) and optimistic predictions… optimictions? (41:10)

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Sifting through the JWAW mailbox. (c)Missouri History Museum
Sifting through the JWAW mailbox. (c)Missouri History Museum

Ah, editorial time already? Now, I’d like to speak seriously for a moment here. (And thank goodness it *is* just a moment, because we can barely keep a straight face these days.)

JWAW’s support of a certain ball boy has drawn sackfuls of hate mail from sections of the extended footballing family over the past 72 hours.

For those yelling ‘hypocrisy’, let it be known that Walsall Public Enemy #0.5 was applauded not for wasting time, but for providing some much-needed light relief at what was a very tense juncture.

…OK, so maybe he was mucking about. For the Law and Order fans out there, he will probably be fined three half time oranges and sent to Sharpy’s office for a caning… and a Rigalettos voucher.

For the (two) PWU fans out there, we have Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages to use or not use depending on personal preference. We can’t offer fancy video editing (the BBC Micro has broken down again) but we can offer 45 minutes of sellotaped-together ramble of a Wednesday evening. Now, watch this video…


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