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Wigan 1-0 Swindon: The Damage of Vigouroux

A lot of very odd things happened today. It all started in the DW concourse… As I approached the bar, I noticed that all the usual pre-match beverages had been replaced with a thick

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 141: Yanic To The Future Part II

Great Scott! You can forget all this televisual film time travel fakery – I really did go back in time on Sunday morning. At 2am, I loaded up teletext to watch the clock skip

Bradford 1-1 Wigan: Yanic To The Future

Back To The Future Week has been groundbreaking in so many ways. In just seven days, we’ve witnessed the advent of the hoverboard, self-lacing trainers, smart glasses, flatscreen televisions and flying cars… but there

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 140: Ceefax of life

Well, it’s up there. Not my blood pressure, but the teletext league table! Ten weeks into the season, Ceefax (or whatever they call it these days) print their first (meaningful) listings of the season,

Peterborough 2-3 Wigan: Ogreproduction

And would you look at that? All of a sudden, from the depths of score draw ‘mediocrity‘ spawns the notion that Wigan Athletic could just about scrape their way to one hundred poi- er,

Wigan 5-0 Colchester: Christmas tape, here we come

Gary Caldwell’s Fan Site Q&A was far too serious for JWAW’s liking. Where were the soundbites for our annual Christmas tape of blunders and general humorous comments? At this rate, I’ll have to request

[Audio] Fan Sites Forum with Gary Caldwell and Jonathan Jackson

A million and one questions, just sixty (eight) minutes to ask them. Hey, the mathematics don’t *have* to work – this is football, not the Countdown numbers game! Speaking of which, am I the