July 16, 2024

Image courtesy WAFC.

Image courtesy WAFC.
Image courtesy WAFC.

A million and one questions, just sixty (eight) minutes to ask them. Hey, the mathematics don’t *have* to work – this is football, not the Countdown numbers game! Speaking of which, am I the only one that has never solved a single Conundrum in my life? Gah, I wish I had been able to ask Gary Caldwell if he has ever done so…

I wasn’t at this particular Fan Sites Forum, but thanks to the power of Barry’s audio recorder, we can both pretend we were. Thus, I shall not offer opinions on the points raised today, but rather post simple timecodes as a blatant tease. In other words, we want you to listen and make up your own mind – don’t let small time internet bloggers (or anyone at all, for that matter) tell you what to think!

In attendance: Jonathan Jackson & Gary Caldwell (WAFC), Paul Middleton (MFE), Damian Walker (Vital Latics), Barry Worthington (Vital Latics and PWU Podcast), Dave and Jo (Twitter competition winners), Liam Sephton and Kieran Makin (All Gone Latics), George Chilvers (Cockney Latic), Ian Wadsworth (Latics SLO)

YouTube version

Super timecode attack… GO!

This bit obviously contains spoilers, so don’t read it!

0:00 Intro to the participants.
1:00 Have we made the start you anticipated and would you be happy with the playoffs?
3:00 How many players in the squad and potential for a Wildschut contract extension?
5:20 Still looking to cut the wage bill and would you have Emyr Huws back?
7:25 Fighting for the shirt and players you decided not to sign.
9:40 Two goal handicaps.
12:20 Frustrating to lose Grigg to international duty?
14:00 Craig Davies’ hamstrings and Tim Chow at full back.
16:30 Do you have a preferred formation and has the defending been disappointing?
18:40 Are teams happy to sit back against Wigan Athletic?
23:00 Injury and contract status of Francisco Junior, did Martinez play a role in his loan signing?
25:00 Academy graduates and how do we identify the young players in our community?
31:00 Working with local primary schools?
34:00 Team of home grown players vs. a successful team.
36:50 How seriously are you taking the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy?
38:30 Chris McCann at left centre back?
40:00 Disappointed that Emmerson Boyce left? And Kim Bo-kyung work permit.
42:00 Richard O’Donnell: rested or dropped?
43:50 Thoughts on set pieces and how good can Jacobs be?
47:10 Interview process for loan players and Lee Nicholls’ form issues.
49:30 What advice would you give to kids and what is the status of your coaching badges?
50:30 Difference between a Martinez training session and a Caldwell training session?
52:10 Are you looking at any players for the forthcoming transfer window?
53:00 Did you always want to become a manager?
54:20 When taking the job, did you think ‘it can’t get any worse’?
58:00 Would it be possible for Latics fans to forward questions to the club on a more regular basis?
1:01:50 Quickfire questions: injuries, home nation support, Boxing Day fancy dress…
1:03:00 …odds on becoming next Scotland manager, signing of the summer, smash the league?
1:04:55 Standard of refereeing in League One, has Jordan learned his lesson?

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