July 15, 2024
Loser Gravestone

To be fair, Beck, you did ask them to kill you.

Loser Gravestone
To be fair, Beck, you did ask them to kill you.

Ah, I *knew* there was something spooky going on! Having reviewed replays of Saturday’s grisly grindfest, I have uncovered irrefutable evidence that this was, in fact, the pseudo-holiday known as All Hallows’ Eve. For you see, Swindon’s fleet of foot blockmaster extraordinaire Lawrence Vigouroux is certainly a vampire – he isn’t very good with crosses.

Feel free to throw me on the bonfire for that. But first, let the PWU team talk at you about the latest in a series of thrilling events that will make you forget all about beating Man United, Liverpool and Chelsea, reaching the League Cup final and winning the FA Cup… Well, maybe not the last one.

What, you don’t regard developments in the Holtmaster Comeback Trail as ‘thrilling’? Don’t worry, because we cover Francisco Junior’s glorious knee (shin? Thigh?) at great length too – hey, it was enough to slay the vampire. Heh, I bet Frankie enjoyed a celebratory steak dinner to the heart at Rigaletto’s on Sunday!

Okay, *now* you can throw me on the bonfire.

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Contents: Guten tag, Herr Barnes (0:00); Swindon review with Dan’s Off The Terrace Report (2:00), thrilling 10 minute freeview (7:20) and the Vigouroux Show (13:40); Grant thrown to the Wolves, Holtmaster Comeback Trail cancelled?! (20:00); The race to lose Manager of the Month (24:00); Yet Another Shakers Preview: Barry’s Bury factfile (25:30), mixed predictions (30:00); Paul’s bright and breezy (phhrt, see special feature below) History of Blackpool (35:00) including Crime and Deviance report (39:40), aborted predictions (41:20), Boycey’s coming home (44:10); more Blackpool facts and flatulent outros (45:10)

Special feature: Windwatch. Listen out at 36:10, 37:08, 39:08, 41:20 and… well, I’ll let you find where the others were cut out!

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Mobility Scooter Bloke upstages yet another PWU match preview. 3-0 to him, I think.
Mobility Scooter Bloke upstages yet another PWU match preview. 3-0 to him, I think.

Hey, didn’t I tell you to toss me into the pyre along with Guy Fawkes in his [team censored] replica shirt? Now look what you’ve done – you’ll have to sit through my list of Halloween Wigan Athletic players! Extra cheap, as they’re four days out of date…

  • Andy S-Kellett-on
  • Tim Ch-OW watch what you’re doing with that pointy dagger
  • Sanmi O-devil-usi
  • Witch-ard O’Donnell
  • Janic Witchhunt
  • Grant Howl-t (doubly relevant now he’s on loan at Wolves)
  • Shaq Ghoul-tihurst
  • Jason Vorhees-Pearce

Such a shame I couldn’t use them on Saturday, eh?

Well, it’s time for me to return to my crypt, so take these PWU Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages lest I order my mummy to cast a spell on you, or something. Mwahahahah!

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