July 16, 2024
Pigeon rap group

Yo, this one goes out to all my homing homies...

Pigeon rap group
Pigeon rap group: “Yo, this one goes out to all my homing homies…”

We shouldn’t really talk about the FA Cup, seeing as Wigan are no longer part of this year’s competition. But I can’t resist – the nostalgic lure of summer 2013 looms large in my nostrils like the fragrant aroma of fresh pigeon droppings. Hey, it reminds me of Haigh Hall, okay?

Observers of Man City’s crushing cup defeat to Chelsea may have recognised two familiar faces – those of Tosin Adarabioyo and Cameron Humphreys-Grant. That’s because they played for City 18s against Wigan at Stade DW just a few short weeks ago! My, how they grow so fast.

Meanwhile, the ‘magic of the league’ continues to excite Progress With Unity’s panellists more than it bally well should. Are you ready for the mid-table marathon that is Feb-Mar 2016?! PWU says: bring it on with a side of French fry pie.

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Contents: Breathless intros (0:00); poetic Walsall review (0:40) with the PWU Crew’s From The Terrace report (3:55), the best is yet to come (7:00), Conor Mac – The New Jimmy Mac (11:00), Sam Morsy – The New Ben Watson (14:00) and Yanic Wildschut – The New Yanic Wildschut (18:00); Progressing With Unity under GC (20:00); free coach travel to Swindon (27:00); Bury preview… again (32:00) including Paul’s Crime and Deviance History of Bury (35:00), Si’s Oddschecker with Statman (39:10) and predictable predictions (40:45); Beam me Back, Scotty: Millwall preview (44:00) with mini-predictions (46:00); Who is the heartbeat of Latics? A failed link (48:00)

Fartwatch: 35:55

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“Watson in towards Maloneeeeey…” — Alternative Universe FA Cup Final Commentator

Sir Ben Watson has this week been reliving the ‘flick on’ that won Little Latics their first FA Cup.

“I was corner taker, but then so was Shaun Maloney, and he was better at corners so he started taking them.”

A good job it wasn’t the other way around, as it’s debatable whether O. Shaun Maloney would have been able to reach the cross. Not, er, because he’s shorter in stature, but because he isn’t as good at jumping as Sir Ben… ahem.

Classic Quote of the Week

“This is our FA Cup Final.” — PWU on the 2013 FA Cup Final

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