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Blackpool 0-4 Wigan: Latics Mythbusting

As you read this message in the year 2036, much of Blackpool vs. Wigan ’16 has passed into the annals of Latics lore. Scarcely has a single game of kickball received quite as much

Goalscoring Superstar Heroes

As 3,000+ Ticsmen go nuts on Blackpool’s South Shore this Saturday, the nearby Norbreck Castle Hotel will be preparing for something considerably more… Sensible. Jon Hare, founder member of 80s and 90s video game

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 166: Duck of the draw

Got your snow boots and parka ready? Good, because Blackpool beach beckons and I don’t like the look of that weather forecast. Forget sandcastles, you’d be better served building snowcastles! Fetch the mop bucket

Wigan 4-1 Southend: Orchestrated Muppetry

Francis E Dec had it right all along. In this world-wide four billion eyesight camera mass multimedia generation, aren’t we all puppets? I only ask because I just discovered I’ve had a large wooden

How to settle your nerves during the promotion run-in

Oh my, the promotion battle is getting rather tense, isn’t it? Against Southend on Saturday, the entire DW Stadium will be wracked with anxiety as that 90th minute mark approaches, a place in the

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 165: Perkins vs. Vardy

Three more to go. 270 minutes plus however many minutes of injury time those blasted officials dig from the deepest recesses of their sofas’ gargantuan butt creases. Three more afternoons to bemoan the death

Burton 1-1 Wigan: Cautious Corner

Iiiiin this corner, reigning League Two Champions and proud owners of the division’s best defensive record, sometime leaders of the Teletext League Table, the mighty Biscuit Men of east Staffordshire! In the silver and