June 16, 2024

"Welcome to this podcast. I'm Barry's Australian cousin..."

“Welcuurrm to this special podcaaaast, cobbers. I’m Barry’s Australian cousin…”

G’day, mates! It’s all fine and dandy for us Wiganers that reside a relative fish and chip wrapper’s throw from that hub of all Latics activity, the DW Stadium. But now we’re back in England’s third division, spare a thought for the exiled fan living thousands of miles away on some remote island named after a public holiday. Not that Craig Fillingham, son of ex Latics CEO John, lives on Christmas or Easter Island… but Melbourne, Australia is pretty far away nonetheless.

How are Latics viewed in Oz, and has this changed as they’ve slipped through the divisions? What sort of football (soccer) coverage can you access in the Landownundah? And who’s more well known, Andy Farrell or Emile Heskey? Craig has all the answers, plus some opinions on where the club might be headed as we pierce the outer skin of hashtag newera. (Man, it feels weird to say that out loud.)

It’s all right here in this rich, velvety Vegemite bonus edition of the Progress With Unity Podcast… International!

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Contents: Never lose the accent! (0:00); Latics/sports coverage in Oz (2:00) including frustrations of detachment (6:00); new season, new era (10:00); missing the cup final (17:00); Sharply ambitious? (20:00) Including: you can’t hurry success (28:00)

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Cow writing
Image courtesy the Moo Cow Fan Club

“Dear JWAW,

“Having read your latest blogpost, I am disappointed by the lack of references to the Wizard of Oz, Ozzy Osbourne, Oz Clarke, koalas and any generic Australian stereotype I forgot to list. I believe a rewrite is in order.

“Yours, bloke in West Stand that unexpectedly shouts ‘moooooove’ now and then”

JWAW: Too late, Mr Bloke (if that is indeed your real name), I’ve already sent this article to the printer. As consolation, please refer to the top of this post for a picture of Dame Edna Everage. In future, please direct all complaints to PWU’s Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages for Complaintbot 2000 (actually a malfunctioning vacuum cleaner) to process (AKA destroy). Cheers.

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