July 16, 2024

The above package courtesy Laticsofficial. Now in glorious 144p.

The next segment courtesy All Gone Latics. Now in glorious monotone.

Highlights (not featured):

The Oldham team bus approaching the stadium entrance from the wrong direction, resulting in the players having to walk an extra 50m to the West Stand.

Carpet fitters stapling down the last corner of the pitch minutes before kickoff.

Anthony Gerrard injuring himself (carpet burn?) in the process of poleaxing Conor McAleny.

The referee’s tendency to draw 30ft wall guidelines with his magic foam.

An Oldham forward blatantly stealing a swig from Jussi’s personal water bottle prior to a corner on 25 minutes.

56 minutes of the Wigan defence exchanging passes.

A shot on target by Jussi J in the pre-match warmup, which was closer than anything Wigan achieved during the match itself.

Anything of note from the second half, really.

1,000 spectators groaning in unison at the announcement of Jussi’s Man of the Match award.

Gary Caldwell’s face becoming as red as the Oldham shirts before subsequently exploding during the post-match interviews.

One League One point for two shots on target (not counting Jussi’s).

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