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AGL Media Podcast 04 – Euro 2016 vs Silly Season

The Euros are here, and so is AGL’s obligatory preview podcast! This summer special edition was recorded at the Wacky Warehouse, Robin Park, a John Stones’s throw away from Stade DW on a suitably

AGL Media Podcast 03 – Naked lunch

When in doubt, cite extenuating factors. Latics might have lost against Barnsley, but the title was already secured a full eight days prior. And there might be background noise in this episode of the

AGL Media Podcast 02 – Not the 100 Points Edition

Recorded live on Monday night… from The Moon! Ahh, that little reference to the intriguingly-named Moon Under Water Inn never fails to amuse me. In the two months since AGL Media’s last outing, Latics

Wigan 1-0 Rochdale: Alternative match highlights

You’ve seen the official 2 minute match highlights package. But now, here’s the stuff they deemed too sexy for YouTube or even the Internet. Warning: contains Grant Holt David ‘Two Shots’ Perkins and Stephen

Millwall 0 Wigan 0: Alternative match highlights

This week coming to you from the Beamback Enterprise AKA the South Stand lounge. A superb strike by the back of some guy’s head… or at least, that’s the way it looked from where

Match Lowlights: Wigan 0 Oldham 0

The above package courtesy Laticsofficial. Now in glorious 144p. The next segment courtesy All Gone Latics. Now in glorious monotone. Highlights (not featured): The Oldham team bus approaching the stadium entrance from the wrong

AGL Media Podcast 01: Rotten pitches and rotten teeth

It’s not the PWU Podcast. But it is a Latics podcast, and it is long and meandering. Timecodes 0:00 Yo! From The AGL Media Podcast 4:00 Sheff United: raining indoors and out 10:50 Latics