July 16, 2024

This week coming to you from the Beamback Enterprise AKA the South Stand lounge.

A superb strike by the back of some guy’s head… or at least, that’s the way it looked from where I was stood. Why do the tallest guys always sit right at the front?

Jussi Jaaskelainen passing a goal kick into the path of an advancing Millwall attacker… before being handed a reprieve as the ball didn’t leave the penalty area. You shouldn’t play with your food, Juicy.

Superb card execution from the referee, who flashed both the yellow and red at Sam Morsy’s crumpled mush in one smooth, continuous motion. Olympic standard carding.

Morsy booting an unfortunate passing cat three miles into the stratosphere as he stormed his way to the tunnel. Poor pussy.

Jussi breaking Lawrence Vigouroux’s record for ‘longest time to place a goal kick’… and getting away with a yellow card for 95+ minutes.

Jussi’s magical white pyjama top moving of its own accord to prevent 3 (THREE) Millwall goals.

Latics’ midfield becoming less and less busy before eventually being made redundant. I’m sure they’ll be hired again before the next game, though.

A 90th minute Wigan corner that was celebrated as if it were a goal. Small mercies, my friend.

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