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PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 123: Wigan time melting away

So there it goes, Wigan time has expired. With Farmer Malky sent off to market for the final time, I suppose it’s back to the vast, featureless fields of peaceful obscurity they call League

Wigan 0-2 Derby: Easter Sack Hop

I had a Eureka moment this Easter weekend. As someone who barely gets the opportunity to watch games featuring anyone other than Wigan Athletic, it can be hard to retain any sort of perspective

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 103: Relatively unglamorous

Bleh! Bleh! Velcom, vatchers, to PWU’s All Hallows’ Eve Special. Zis is me, ze one and only Vlad the Impala Sedan, ze North West’s answer to zat vampire dude from ze black and white

Derby 1-2 Wigan: A merry-bacon dream

A common criticism levelled at Wigan Athletic in the post-Martinez era has been a perceived lack of ambition among staff and supporters. “Oh, we’ll be happy to scrape a top six spot. We’ll be

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 102: Wigan’s turning (the air) blue

Before you boot up this week’s edition of the Progress With Unity Podcast, I must warn you to perform a 25-point check of your home/place of work/the bus you are travelling on right now.

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 69: Readying the parade bus

Here’s a poser for you: Where does one goal equal five points? Why, in football of course! Wigan Athletic’s impressive impersonation of a George Graham Arsenal team is a refreshing antidote to the hairy-legged

Derby 0-1 Wigan: Porcus volucer

Aww, is 2013 *really* over now? I didn’t want Wigan’s glorious FA Cup winning year to end. Hmm, this is far too positive, so let me rewind that statement… Unintelligible backmasked speech: Ckkt… [Satan