July 15, 2024
Here comes the parade bus

The reality sets in - this is actually happening.

Believe in Wigan
Time to do it all again!

Here’s a poser for you: Where does one goal equal five points? Why, in football of course! Wigan Athletic’s impressive impersonation of a George Graham Arsenal team is a refreshing antidote to the hairy-legged hoof-ball of Wim- erm, MK… erm, Wimbledon proportions, yes. *Clears throat nervously*

Speaking of famous cup winners, the battle for the FA Challenge Cup resumes with Third Round matches taking place tomorrow. Aww, do we have to go and defend our trophy? I want to keep it forever! I know, let’s start a campaign to establish a brand new cup… let’s say, for the sake of argument, the Wigan Athletic Cup…

(I decided to cut myself off here for your own sake. Enjoy this week’s epsisode of the PWU Podcast.)

Contents: Coyle vs Rosler: The Big Match (1:40) including Birmingham review (4:25), Burnley review (12:40) and praise for Leon Barnett (9:40); New Year’s week in summary and mini-Refwatch, back for ’14! (13:40); Derby review (14:40); Rob Kiernan and transfer news (18:20); Welcome back, Ali (28:40), MK Dons preview (30:00)

Get involved!

Progress With Unity is currently the only Wigan Athletic fan podcast on the web. If you wish to get involved or have any topics you’d like to be discussed, please get in touch with Barry at wigan@vitalfootball.co.uk, marking your email PWU Podcast.

Fireworks Championship
Breaking news: Alex Ferguson’s tomato head finally explodes! (c)Nilfanion

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So how are your New Year’s resolutions coming along? Naturally I have broken all of mine already and will continue to do so for the duration of 2014, and probably 2015. But Progress With Unity shall stay on topic where I go bounding into irrelevance with gay abandon! I would not be offended if you discarded your JWAW bookmark (how presumptuous of me to assume you already had one) in favour of the PWU iTunes, RSS and app pages.

Now go! Go and finish that refrigerated potato pie because today is the last day before the mould starts to grow.

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