July 15, 2024
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I should stop letting the dog use my wireless as a chew toy.

Uwe Are My Sunshine (c)Kjetil Ree
Uwe Are My Sunshine (c)Kjetil Ree

Progress With Unity toasts its second new manager in the usual fashion – with a pint in the Springfield. Yep, after last week’s torrent of criticism aimed in the general direction of that bloke we’ve already forgotten about, the team have been unceremoniously banned from their usual Book Cycle studios!

Don’t worry, much like… [insert performance of choice from past two weeks], that was a joke. The difference is that my comment was meant to be humorous, whereas those ‘ankle’ socks were deadly serious. Oh, I promised I wouldn’t do any more jokes about… him.

How very rude of me. I start blathering about previous regimes before I’ve even introduced the new boss. Please welcome Roberto Mart- erm, Uwe Rosler! Hey, who wrote this, that idiot from JWAW?! Oh wait, the best before end on this supermarket brand script says 2009… now I come to think of it, that would explain the coffee and paella stains.

Contents: Millwall review with with Jack (2:10); We welcome Uwe to the club [hurhur] (8:25); Maribor preview (16:30); Bolton preview (20:10); Coyle – the cheap option? (27:28)

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*Bzzt…* And that’s all for this edition, PWU pickers! Join us again next week on Radio Ca-Ca for a tippedy top selection of the hippest tunes and soccer chat you’d sell your granny’s grass-stained false teeth to hear.

*Switches off radio*

Screw that, who listens to the radio these days anyway? I can’t tune into this mythical 96.4FM on my HD television, so give me links to the PWU iTunes, RSS and app pages instead. As a Wigan-supporting Whitney Houston might have said, I believe the internet, and indeed Uwe Rosler, are the future. Didn’t make a very good pop song, but it provides a fitting final line for this post.

Editor’s note: JWAW would like to make clear it believes that poor jokes are the future.

Rosler press conference

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