July 15, 2024
p302 mug

Quick, press the hold button...

p302 mug
Quick, press the hold button…

All three of JWAW’s regular readers should know all too well the joys of teletext – I can’t go a whole post (or even fanzine article, hint hint) without breaking into a nostalgic monologue about how the Ceefax football logo became burned onto the screen of my CRT television.

Heck, nigh on half of all content on this site in the past month has been illustrated with a whimsical piece of ‘teletext art’ blatantly posted without the permission of the television station I originally created them for. Thank goodness for those changes in the copyright law, eh?

But this is 2014, and teletext has broken free of its televisual confines. Via the magic of Photoshop and a reconditioned 1982 teletext printer, it can now be loaded on drinking vessels without the aid of a remote control.

Well, that’s how I assume Jordan, AKA Mr Page 302, makes his Ceefax-inspired footy videprinter mugs. Hey, I’ve an idea – why don’t we ask the man himself how it’s done? He just so happens to be here on the JWAW green and blue sofa, and you’ll be able to see him when the cameraman –actually our new intern— pans out.

(Slow pan. Excruciating wait. Packet of crisps rustles in distance.)

JWAW: Jordan, welcome to the retro haven that is JWAW Towers! Here, it is perpetually 1994 – commentary from the brand new Premier League is blasting on the radio, and I am playing FIFA International Soccer on Super Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive simultaneously. I’m sure you’ll feel right at home!

Where did the idea for the teletext-inspired designs come from, and why mugs?

Jordan: The idea came from a random pub discussion where all my friends and I realised just how much of a loved retro icon that pixellated screen has grown to be. I decided to bring it back to life! Why mugs? Well they sit proud on our desks at work, sit pretty in our kitchen. “Oh you noticed my mug? Yes, it’s from when Middlesbrough beat City 8-1. Sit down, let me spend a few hours telling you about the game”. They are designed to promote pride and smugness!

Ah, hence the name ‘Smug Mugs‘! An excellent piece of wordplay, I must say.

Wigan v Norwich, Ceefax, 1998
Now you, too can relive moments like these. Spot the typo for 30p! (c)BBC

Sadly, Wigan Athletic only won the FA Cup after the digital switchover in 2012, so I never had the pleasure of seeing it on Ceefax. But do you have a particular favourite teletext memory, and if not, what would you have liked to see on there?

Yeah, when I scored the winner for my local Sunday league side with a header from outside the box. Never made it on there sadly, it was just after the switchover. I may have to make that screen and mugify it soon, can’t see it being a big seller though.

And yeah please put a request in! I loved that game! I seem to remember you guys thrashing Chelsea 3-1 too?

Yeah, it was one heck of a day… glad you remembered that rather than the 8-0 pasting they gave us a couple of years later.

Am I right in saying people can request any videprinter result, real or otherwise, for their own custom mug? Let’s say, oh, Wigan Athletic 1, Manchester City 0… how easy is it for people to order that design?

Yep! Any they want via the request option on our website entitled ‘Missed Your Lot Out?‘ Simply fill in the form and it will be made – but be accurate! Any scorelines involving a beating of Middlesbrough FC will be put to the bottom of the priority list, however.

Hah, I’ll be sure not to request that then!

FansFC, cousin of Clubcall, Teletext, 2007
Mum, lend me another 10p for the public phone box! Eric Cantona might be coming to Wigan… (c)Teletext Ltd

This idea seems to have been very popular indeed since Soccer AM presenter Max Rushden gave you a mention on his Twitter account. How many units have you sold since launching the product waaaay back at the start of September?

That was when it went a bit mental! Sold quite a few, but not quite enough to pay off my Clubcall bill I still owe BT from 1997.

And I bet you never did see that promised ‘Argentine superstar’… but will we see further teletext merchandise in the near future, maybe phone covers, baseball caps and even televisions?

We are definitely looking into a few more! Phone covers are a bit too long size-wise unfortunately, however – exclusive here- we are looking into mousemats and calendars! More subtle workplace based sources of pride and smugness!

Best of luck with the merch sales, you’ll have to let me know when you complete your catalogue of matches from all the Premier and Football League clubs… if your fingers are still intact at that point, heh.

Latics swoop for French World Cup star?! See Page 387.

Oh, it was only Chimbonda. These links might be more appropriate:

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