July 16, 2024
Old Trafford

Old Trafford

It’s been a while since JWAW’s last From the North Stand interview – more than two years, in fact. But now the time has come for its triumphant return to comed- er, I mean, this website. The special seat I keep reserved bang in the centre of the North Stand has once again been dusted down, treated with a bit of elbow grease and furnished with the finest Wigan cuisine – Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls, of course – in anticipation of United webmaster Jordan Street‘s arrival. Oh crumbs, he’s here already! Better get the sarsaparilla.

JWAW: I’d imagine you’re happy with the signing of Robin Van Persie, because I know I would be. But are there any other new guys we should be looking out for at United this season?

Jordan: To be honest with you, when we were rumoured to be interested in Van Persie I wasn’t that excited, but when he’d actually signed for us all that changed and I was completely over the moon. I’m extremely happy about how quickly he’s blended in to the team, the hat trick he scored vs. Southampton was truly wonderful. (Let’s just not talk about the embarrassing penalty miss ha!)

Secondly, the players who you should be looking out for include Shinji Kagawa and the youngster Davide Petrucci. The former will play a massive part in our bid to retain the Premier League title, his passing and movement has been absolutely superb in the opening three league games. Davide Petrucci has a big future ahead of him, he impressed on the pre-season tour but I don’t think he’ll get much playing time this season. You may see him involved in the League Cup, but that’s about it.

Ex-Wigan man Antonio Valencia looks to have had an impact in the early part of United’s season. Are you a fan of his?

Antonio is just a top pro. He’s certainly up there with the best out and out wingers in the world. He’s more of a traditional winger who just drills the ball into the danger area, he certainly makes things happen. When he broke his leg a couple of seasons ago I feared the worst for him, upon his return it took him a while to rediscover his form but he’s been a key part of our team ever since.

During the England v Ukraine game, I noticed Tom Cleverley was getting into decent forward positions but just could not finish. Is this a reflection of his club form, and do you think the goals will come for him?

He played in a much more advanced role for England and I have to say he did really well. On various loan moves he’s found the net quite a few times, I think the goals will come eventually, he just needs a good run of games and he could become an integral part of the side for both club and country.

I did suspect Clev was slightly out of position, and he was a bit unlucky not to have scored. 1-1 at half time and England probably would have gone on to win that game.

Gary Caldwell
Caldwell: Key man

Who do you reckon will be the key men on Saturday? And you’re not allowed to say Van Persie, because that goes without saying πŸ˜‰

Ha. For Wigan, it’ll probably be Caldwell, he needs to have the game of his life if you want to get something out of the game, however Arouna Kone could play a big role, our defence has looked a little weak so far, and his strength and power could really cause us problems.

Our key man has to be Michael Carrick, if he controls the midfield like we know he can, it could be a long afternoon for Wigan fans. Personally I think Carrick is extremely underrated as a player his ball retention has to be up there amongst the best in the league.

Are you brave enough to make a score prediction for the game, or do you dislike tempting fate?

I’m not one of those superstitious types. I fancy us to win but I also think you’ll get on the scoresheet. I’ll go for 3-1 United.

What are your hopes for the season to come? Any specific plans to keep the noisy neighbours quiet? πŸ˜›

The last day of the league season was one of the worst moments I’ve experienced as a United fan, it was truly horrible ha! I’d be over the moon if we retained our Premier League crown. I’d also like us to challenge for the FA cup, it’s been too long since we’ve won it and it’d be another nice trip to Wembley!

Aand finally… do you have any pre-match/half time rituals? I went through a phase where I would stand in front of my seat for the duration of the half time break, even when busting for a pee. Not so much a superstition, but a weird thing I did for a while.

Ha, the only one I have is a rather weird one. When watching games on TV I have to have the volume at a winning scoreline for United, so if United are playing away I’d have the volume at 13, which means a 3-1 away win if you get me!

Interesting theory.Β  I ought to try it an see if it gets Wigan more success. Uh oh, I forgot – my remote is busted. Ah well, that’s our season down the pan already πŸ˜›

Anyway… cheers, Jordan, for raising some great points and good luck for tomorrow. Not too much, though. πŸ˜‰

  • Jordan Street is owner and principal writer of United fansite Old Trafford Faithful. You can follow him on Twitter here.
  • You can also view Jordan’s interview with myself if you so wish.

Old Trafford image licensed under Creative Commons by Xavoun.

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