June 16, 2024
David Bowie

The correct music for this article is 'Golden Years' by David Bowie. (c)Hunter Desportes

David Bowie
The correct music for this article is ‘Golden Years’ by David Bowie. (c)Hunter Desportes

He might be gone, but Owen Coyle’s legacy lives on in the quality of players he brought to the club… it’s just a pity about the shorts/ping pong/Irn Bru/results (delete as appropriate, or not if you prefer). And while we’re on the subject we must not forget his inherent Vaudevillian comedy value which, while not great for publicity, offered megabytes of cheap laughs for the aspiring internet weblogger. Sigh, I miss Owen already. (Stares at signed photograph of ‘Columba’ on computer desk.)

But worry not, for the post-Valentine’s Coyle love-in is soon replaced by old favourites RefWatch and the Jordi Gomez Fan Club. We also pay our respects to a true legend as Mick tells of his brush with footballing royalty, the time he met the late, great Sir Tom Finney.

Contents: Tales of the Cardiff ‘giant-killing’ (1:53); The ‘perfect’ Quarter Final draw? (10:26); Barnsley review (18:40) including Sir Ben’s unfortunate injury (23:20); heralding the return of expert slip fielder Catchin’ Ali (27:32); Brighton Rock- er, preview (33:20); tribute to Sir Tom Finney (43:55)

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