June 16, 2024

With Jesus Boozler.

That grandiose title might suggest a juicy week of freshly-squeezed opinion pieces here at JWAW, but don’t hold your breath – you can bet I’ll have exhausted my supply of Wembley-related quips by tomorrow lunchtime. Quick, Dave, pull up a bunch from last year so we can shamelessly rehash them!

You may have noticed a recent obsession with teletext shining through the murky, muck-laden pages of this website. Well, to celebrate Wigan’s forthcoming trip to the Home of Football, I’ve been re-constructing my long-dismantled teletext decoder to capture some exclusive pages from the little-known analogue service JWAWText. Yeah, I didn’t know there was one either!

Seeing as nobody has teletext-compatible TVs, it’s only right I share this stuff as I doubt anyone would care enough to archive it. Just you watch – hunting down teletext pages will soon become as popular an activity as searching skips for missing Doctor Who episodes.

You’re welcome.

Special thanks to Arseblog, who get a special shoutout on page three (well, where else?). Listen out for Friday’s Arseblog Podcast, where a certain small-time Latics weblogger will be making a right Arsecast of himself.

Don’t do it, it’s a trap!
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Don’t say stuff like that, you’re making me hungry.
Ooh, I’m getting really excited now!

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